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safety engineer and Shoe Traction Specialist, William English
William Perry English, Jr., 76, passed away on April 14, 2010 right after leading prayer meeting at Olga Baptist Church. He is survived by his son, Perry and his wife Kathryn; grandchildren Hunter Ramsey and Wynne Melland; great-grandson Aidan; sister F. Carol English (Bitsy); brother George McLean (Mac); and a slew of nephews, nieces, and friends. Bill was pre-deceased by his daughter, Kate Elizabeth English, who is now enjoying his company immensely.

Before his passing, Bill agreed to transfer the ownership and activities of his slip meter business to EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC , whose principles are George P. Widas, PE, CSP, CXLT, President and CEO; and Peter Widas, BSMSE, CXLT, Vice President and COO, with a combined 55 years of professional experience in engineering and industry.

Bill selected us based on our extensive involvement with him over the last 15 or more years, as well as on our common experiences and interest in the issues of walkway safety and in the sciences related to meaningful slip resistance measurement. As EXCEL TRIBOMETERS, LLC , it is our intention to build upon the strong foundation that Bill created by continuously expanding available knowledge related to walkway safety, and by striving to improve the quality, accuracy and significance of Bill's devices.

What's New in Standards and Technology
Keep informed by reading the online bulletin board of William English, Inc. for news concerning developments in slipperiness testing standards and technology

The English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer, specially engineered for wet testing of walkway surfaces

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Traction Testing
Yes, I do Lab testing (at my shop) for evaluation of the slip-resistance of walking surfaces or field surveys (at your location). I have slipmeters for evaluation of floor safety and traction testing instruments for shoe safety.

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