Slip Resistance Consulting Clients
of William English, Inc.
Last updated January 30, 2010

Slip Resistance Field Surveys
Floor Slipperiness Testing with the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer

Slip Resistance Lab Testing
Slipperiness Testing of surfaces with the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer

Shoe Traction Testing

*Unsolicited Testimonials

From Trex Company
"Thank you for the timely submission of your test report and return of the samples following the performance of the slip resistance tests. Your explanation of the background regarding testing standards was highly informative and greatly appreciated. I look forward to contacting you again in the future." (signed) David Porter

From UKM Co., Inc.
We are very pleased and you may list UKM as a reference. The XL slipmeter has helped our company secure business because it?s taken the subjectivity out of selling our slip resistant process over our competitors. Also, please make sure I?m on your email newsletter list and advise on future training seminars.
Sincerely, Frank Weisbecker, Vice President [] UKM Co., Inc.

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