XL Slipmeter Warranty

Your XL Variable Incidence Tribometer is unconditionally warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. If any defect of any kind arises during the first year of ownership, return your XL shipping prepaid to

237 Hanbury Rd East
Suite 17, PMB 254
Chesapeake, VA 23322
757 897-2853

Any warranty repairs will be made and your slipmeter will be returned to you prepaid by ground shipment. Should expedited delivery be required, from within the US you will need to provide a check in the additional amount of $50 for overnight shipping charges. I have always been able to turn your job around for return shipment the next day, but if I'm away for meetings, the wait will be until I return. If you're on a tight schedule. If you are outside the US special arrangements must be made because of shipping and customs hassles.

If after reading the user's manual carefully you have any other questions concerning the use or operation of the XL, you may call the same number for assistance.

Recalibration and Tune-up
Bourdon-tube pressure gauges have a tendency to drift in normal usage. It is not unusual for an XL in fairly heavy use to have its gauge drift upward by 2-4 psi. If you over-pressure your gauge (run it up to the peg), that will almost certainly destroy its calibration. In normal use, I recommend that your XL be recalibrated annually. Also contamination of the testfoot destroys the calibration of the instrument. I also go over the entire machine to check for damaged or missing parts, and I disassemble and relubricate the actuation valve and oil the cylinder seals, and I verify its calibration on the test tile.

If you have reason to believe your machine is not operating properly, or if repairs may be needed (that are not covered by warranty), See http://www.englishxl.com/Repairterms.html for details.

No purchase orders will be accepted for this service work. If you can't send a check with your slipmeter, this service offer is not available to you or your enterprise.

Warning--Extra Charges

Modifying or altering your XL in any way will void your warranty as well as the standard repair offer. Slipmeters that have been "repaired" by your maintenance staff require an extra charge as set forth on http://www.englishxl.com/Repairterms.html. If your instrument has been adulterated by changing the pressure source from the pellet gun cylinder, I can't calibrate it for you. See special charges for restoration of an altered unit.

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