Consulting Guidelines
William English, CSP, P.E. (Safety Engineer, CA)
Last updated December 2, 2009

I do consulting for corporations, universities and parties engaged in law suits, as well as field surveys and lab testing; and this page is to answer questions I am often asked by prospective clients concerning litigation or safety engineering consulting. I like to do product liability evaluations, especially on the issue of human factors considerations in control systems design, but my primary practice is in the safety engineering prevention of falls. I have analyzed hundreds of fall cases for Marriott Corporation and other clients, and you'll notice that I "wrote the book" on safety engineering prevention of falls, as well as industrial safety engineering and workers comp cost reduction.

In forensic consultation I don't specialize in plaintiff or defense work. I just try to work for whichever side is right, and I don't take cases that I don't think are legitimate and winnable.

Charge Bases
Corporate Consulting and Lab Testing (see Client List)
My basic charge is $2,500 per day plus travel expenses, if travel is required. There is a minimum charge of $2,500 per job, including lab testing or field consulting. If you have something that you think is unusual, let's talk about it. I like experimental work, and I will try hard to work out something tailored to your needs.

For lab testing work the best deal is for you to send the check with the order. If I have to bill you, there is a 10% surcharge to cover the added clerical burden, risk and delay.

Forensic Consultation
For initial evaluation of most forensic cases, I normally charge a flat fee of $3.000, paid in advance. The check should come in with your file material. (If your file is voluminous, the cost will be higher, but I will agree with you on that before I start work.) My evaluation package consists of reviewing your file material (including photographs, diagrams and witness statements) and preparing an opinion of the merits of your case, and I would discuss my opinions and my expected testimony in as much detail as you'd like by phone. I also often suggest further avenues for discovery. Frequently I can evaluate a case adequately by mail. Sometimes it is necessary for me to survey the accident scene before giving any testimony, but I can usually give an initial safety engineering opinion, based on your file material alone, if you have good photos.

If you decide to retain me for testimony (following submission of my initial evaluation), I require a retainer of $6,000; and for out-of-town travel, an advance in the amount of expected charges for the trip, if estimated costs exceed the amount of the retainer.

My charge rate is $250 per hour, with a minimum of $3.000 per case. If after initial evaluation we agree to work together on a case, my charge for preparation, travel time, deposition, court testimony and standby is $250 per hour, plus expenses. My charges are independent of your success in court. I do not work on contingency.

We Can Talk
If you need help with a safety engineering survey or consultation in a forensic case, you would probably want to call and discuss your case first, and I promise you the phone will not be answered by a computer. But if I am out, please leave a message on the answering machine and I'll get back to you.

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