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by William English, CSP, P.E. (Safety Engineer, CA)
Last Updated December 20, 2009

[With updated and expanded technical content] Pedestrian Slip Resistance: How to Measure It, How to Improve It, Second Edition, published by William English, Inc., 2003. View table of contents

Pedestrian Slip Resistance: How to Measure It, How to Improve It, First Edition, published by William English, Inc., 1996. View table of contents

Both of these books are available only from

Out of Print:

Slips, Trips and Falls: Safety Engineering Guidelines for the Prevention of Slip, Trip and Fall Occurrences, published by Hanrow Press, 1989. View table of contents

Strategies for Effective Workers Comp Cost Control, published by the American Society of Safety Engineers, 1988

Professional Articles and Conference Presentations
by William English, CSP, P.E. (Safety Engineer, CA)

Professional Safety (Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers)
"The Moral Component of Our Professional Challenge," July 2006 reprint of the 1985 article, p. 52
"Footwear Safety & Traction in the Workplace," April 2000, p. 23
"Ten Myths Concerning Slip-Resistance Measurement," April 1995
"Reducing Falling Hazards on Fire Trucks," September 1993
"What Effect Will New Federal Regulations Have on Pedestrian Safety?" March 1992
"Automating Your Risk Management Program," February 1987
"The Moral Component of Our Professional Challenge," March 1985
"Challenge of the 80's" January 1980
"How Effective Are Safety Committees?" December 1979
"Managing Accidental Losses," September 1978
"Human Factors Engineering--A Neglected Art," March 1978
"Getting a Handle on Cost Control in Workers Compensation," September 1976
"How to Succeed in Safety By Really Trying," July 1975
"Eye Protection for Welders," July 1973
"Identification and Solution of an Injury Problem," April 1973
"Orientation for Accident Prevention," August, 1970
Book Reviews:
Modern Safety and Health Management, September 1980
Techniques of Safety Management, August 1972
Crane Hazards and Their Prevention, March 1994

Safety and Health (National Safety Council's monthly magazine)
"Slips and Falls in Restaurants--Causes and Remedies," July 1988
"Cut the Risk, Cut the Cost," October 1986
"What Floor Tile Is Safest?" December 1984
"What Does It Take To Be an Effective Safety Manager?" September 1980
"Don't Fall Down on the Job," February 1976
"A Look at the Impact of the Proposed Heat Stress Standard," August 1973
"A Hard Look at Fire Protection," July 1972
"Material Handling Safety--Training Makes It Work," April 1972
Also numerous items in the "Safety Ideas That Worked" column

Risk Management (Risk & Insurance Management Society)
"Claims Excellence: A Key to Workers Comp Cost Control," November 1985
"Handling Workers Compensation Claims," March 1978

Occupational Health and Safety
"Proper Fall Protection Depends on Design," August 1985
"Human Factors Engineering; Going Beyond Regulation," September 1981
"The Need for Safer Access to Mobile Equipment," January, 1991

National Safety Congress Transactions
"Getting a Handle on Cost Control in Workers Compensation," October 1977
"Safety Management," October 1977

OSHA Research Projects
"Investigation of Surface Slip Resistance on Structural Steel," May 1995 [This paper was co-authored by W. Marletta, PhD] "Investigation of Means of Enhancing Footwear Traction for Ironworkers Working at Heights," 1998 [This paper was co-authored by D. Underwood, PhD and K. Vidal, P.E.]

Proceedings of the ASSE's 2002 Professional Development Conference
"Pedestrian Slip resistance: the Remaining Safety Frontier," Presentation No. 744

International Fall Protection Symposium in Wuppertall, Germany
"Whole-Shoe Traction Testing Under Actual Workplace Conditions," September 1998

Proceedings of the Ergonomics Society's 1994 Annual Conference
S. A Robertson, Ed., Taylor & Francis, London
"The Validation of Slipmeters," pp. 347-352

ASTM Standardization News [This paper was co-authored by Bob Kohr.]
"A Study of the Comparative Slipperiness of Floor Cleaning Chemicals," March 1991

Slips, Stumbles and Falls, Pedestrian Footwear and Surfaces, ASTM STP 1103
"Improved Tribometry on Walking Surfaces," pp. 73-81, 1990

Advances in Occupational Ergonomics and Safety 
International Society for Occupational Ergonomics and Safety, "Continuing Progress Toward an Ergonomically Sound Shoe Traction Tester," Vol 1, pp. 919-924, 1996

Ceramic Engineering & Science Proceedings, American Ceramic Society
"A New Slip-Resistance Tester," pp. 22-28, 1992

Security Management (American Society for Industrial Security)
"Health & Prosperity, Keys to Effective WC Cost Control," August 1986

Product Liability Prevention Conference, 1980 Proceedings
"Human Factors Engineering - A Neglected Art"

Southeastern Safety and Health Conference, 1992 Proceedings
"Progress Toward Valid Walkway Slip-Resistance Standards"

EXCEL (WVU Center for Excellence in Construction Safety newsletter)
"The Need for Safe Access to Mobile Equipment," Vol. 4/No. 3, Spring, 1991

NOTE: Some of the above articles have been reprinted by various journals and house organs, and some have been translated into Spanish and Russian for publication outside the US.
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